Welcome to NOVOGEN

portrait-poule-bruneA New Alternative in a Highly Consolidated Market

The strong consolidation of the layer breeding companies in the last decade, has limited the choice of breeds for the egg industry. NOVOGEN offers a new alternative giving the egg producers more choice and possibilities to fit their specific market requirements.

NOVOGEN concentrates all efforts on its core business, research and development of products that suit the specific market needs. NOVOGEN supplies layer Grand Parent Stock and Parent stock to the independent players in the egg industry.


seul-COQ-LEGHORN2A Successful Start

NOVOGEN has quickly been recognised as a credible player by the layer industry, offering the layer hatcheries a real freedom to do their own business, independent and durable!

The official test results and the performances of breeding and commercial flocks confirm all our predictions. NOVOGEN products are now distributed in more than 50 countries.


A Global Network

NOVOGEN, a subsidiary of GROUPE GRIMAUD, has built its own sales, marketing and logistics network, enabling to deliver the products on all continents from its three main production centres located in Europe, the United States and Brazil. The technical expertise and commitment of its teams offers indispensable support in the development of its customers' business, thanks to its innovative selection program but also through the technical follow up of the commercial layers.