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Successful NOVOGEN Customers Meeting held before IPPE 2014

USA - NOVOGEN organised its 4th Customers Meeting in Atlanta on the Monday before the IPPE exhibition. The attendees, coming from 16 countries, concluded that the attendance, interaction and presentations in English and Spanish made it a very successful and interesting 1-day meeting for them.

Mickaël Le Helloco, General Manager of NOVOGEN, gave an update on the ongoing positive developments of NOVOGEN's presence and product performances around the world. Thierry Burlot, Director R&D of NOVOGEN, showed the audience what they can expect for the years to come on egg numbers, egg quality, feed consumption, behaviour and NOVOGEN's genomics research showing very promising results after 5 years of research.

Field results of the NOVOGEN products were shared by PennOVO and Morris Hatchery from the USA, Verbeek Hatchery from the Netherlands and Tom Barron from the UK. The whole range of "Classic" and "Light" versions of the NOVOgen BROWN and NOVOgen WHITE are present in these areas and everyone enjoys the excellent performances the see. Dr. John Kuhl, nutritional expert, from the USA gave a review of the feeding strategies of layer pullets and layers under US-circumstances.


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