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Gramogen: the Distributor of NOVOGEN in Peru

The 24th Latin America congress in Ecuador was held in September 2015. This was the right opportunity for the Peruvian company 'Gramogen' to officially announce its collaboration with Groupe Grimaud by launching their distribution of Hubbard breeders with a GP operation and NOVOGEN layers by placing breeder flocks. These new activities complete their current distribution of turkeys. Gramogen, a family company, is specialising itself in the distribution of poultry genetics in Peru.

The first commercial layers hatched in November 2015. "We are proud to start selling NOVOgen BROWN in the market and to deliver our first customers", says Daro Soto, CEO of Gramogen. Mickaël Le Helloco, CEO of NOVOGEN, adds "it's a unique opportunity for Groupe Grimaud to enter the Peruvian market with such strong Distributor. We are ambitious in South and Latin America as we have the products corresponding to market needs."


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Santiago Agreda :

TEL:  +51 993 729 924