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Chick Farm Europe: the Distributor of NOVOGEN in Italy

The introduction of NOVOGEN commercial layers in Italy started more than 3 years ago by the Dutch hatchery 'Verbeek'. Since then the sales in Italy have been increasing steadily,  leading 'Chick Farm Europe' to express their wish to become an official NOVOGEN distributor for the Italian market.

Chick Farm Europe's hatchery has a capacity of ten million day-old-chicks per year. The facility has been fully renovated in 2014 and can hatch up to 100,000 females twice a week. Located in Forli, Chick Farm Europe's hatchery is ideally positioned to service the whole Italian market including the South of the country asking for smaller sized flocks. The first NOVOgen BROWN Parent Stock were delivered to Chick Farm Europe in August 2015 and local day-old-chick production will be available as of March 2016.


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