NOVOGEN strengthens its activity in Egypt

Planisphere Egypte et POules

Since the start of its activities in Egypt in 2009, NOVOGEN has seen a very positive development of its business on the brown and white egg markets. The NOVOgen BROWN and NOVOgen WHITE products are distributed through our local partner 'Misr Poultry Group' (MPG). Thanks to the quality and performances of the NOVOGEN products as well as the professionalism of the MPG team, the NOVOgen BROWN and NOVOgen WHITE established a great reputation in Egypt.

With an estimated population of around 35 million layers, it is one of the biggest markets in the Middle East, which will keep growing with the fast foreseen increase of the population in the coming 10 years. NOVOGEN is therefore seeing the Egyptian market as very important and will focus on further strengthening its position in this country and in the rest of the Middle East region.


In January 2017, MPG and NOVOGEN organised a gathering in Cairo for some key customers. Private companies as well as governmental layer complexes, with 19 production farms one of the biggest egg producers in the country, were present during this technical seminar. All the attendees are already successfully using NOVOGEN products in their facilities. Presentations were given on NOVOGEN's innovative R&D programs, latest field results, vaccination programs and technics, layer feed presentation and management during the brooding period.

It has been a fruitful day with lots of exchange of information between all the participants, NOVOGEN and the MPG team.


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