NOVOGEN meeting in Bastos, Sao Paulo Region, Brazil


In May 2018, NOVOGEN Brazil team organized a special meeting bringing together the local producers of Bastos, in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil. The city of Bastos is the Brazilian poultry capital with 22 million layers in production which represents 20% of the national production.

For this event Thierry Burlot, Director R&D for Novogen, was especially present. He was able to present the studies and results of the genetic selection done in recent years. The poultry farmers were able to discuss with him on the further improvement of the behaviour of the animal, the productivity, the persistency of lay as well as the quality of egg shells from 50 weeks until the end of lay.

Team NOVOGEN DO BRAZIL (with Thierry Burlot, 3rd from the left)

All these criteria are more and more the key traits for the producers. An important thing for Thierry and his team is to understand the challenges of producers in various countries, with varying climatic conditions and different types of housing, equipment and management, in order to select a layer breed that is able to adapt to all different conditions.


During the second part of the meeting, economists Juliana Ferraz and Maristela De Mello Martins of the CEPEA centre (Centro de Estudos Avancados em Economia) presented statistics on the Brazilian egg and cereal markets, giving the producers a better view on the possible trends for the second half of 2018.


Juliana Ferraz et Maristela De Mello Martins 

Fifty producers from the region of Bastos as well as the region of Guatapara (Sao Paulo Region) were present at the invitation of the NOVOGEN local teams. The dinner during the evening gave all the producers a good possibility to exchange more with the NOVOGEN team.



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