Report on the Ull family farm


The Ull family had about 40 dairy cows and the heifers of their own offspring as well as 360 fattening pigs when they started to consider how the business should be further developed. After some discussions with colleagues, laying hens came into the picture as a possibility to further develop their company. After  getting more information from various feed mills, equipment suppliers and pullet breeders, the Ull family decided to build an EU organic layer house for about 14,900 birds.

The decision which layer breed to buy was not an easy one. Since this is much about trust, the choice fell on the pullet rearing of Verbeek and the NOVOgen Brown Light. The Ull family has not regretted this decision. In the first production cycle of 86 weeks, 411.3 eggs/hen were produced. Mortality was only 4% in the 80th week and just 5% at depletion age.

Due delays on finalising the construction the flock was transferred in the 20th week and the production already started. Despite this situation, the number of floor and system eggs was only slightly higher during the first few weeks and the flock only laid 9 eggs below 53 grams. This proves that the hens from the Verbeek aviary rearing system with the NOVOgen Brown Light also can cope well with stressful environments.

The plumage of the layers on the last day was still as good as in many flocks of 30-40 weeks of age. This is also an important point for the Ull family, as the free-range area is directly adjacent to a main road.

At the end of May 2018, Mr. Ull housed the next flock of NOVOgen Brown Light and hopes that this flock will be similarly good again.

Verbeek is very happy to have the Ull family as a customer, congratulates them with their good results and thanks the family for the good cooperation and is looking forward to further successful flocks in the future. 



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