NOVOGEN world team technical meeting


Last November, NOVOGEN organized a meeting of its entire technical team present throughout the world. During this week, NOVOGEN France welcomed some twenty employees from all continents to its premises in Plédran. Our senior experts, who now cover all disciplines: hatchery, breeding technology, R&D, nutrition, quality and health, have provided this intensive training.

It was an opportunity for everyone to exchange and deepen their knowledge on many topics and current events such as:

  • The latest advances and research available in terms of hatchery.
  • Ventilation in breeding (Audit Tell breeding).
  • Selection on floor, interest and new criteria used in selection.
  • Parental and commercial nutrition, commonalities and differences.
  • The management of breeding under heat stress conditions....

The teams also took the opportunity to visit buildings in cage and alternative production systems. The adaptability of NOVOGEN products allows them to obtain excellent technical results in all systems  of productions with of course appropriate management.


An egg quality analysis laboratory (Zootests in Ploufragan) was also part of the visit program. It is always interesting to measure as much relevant data as possible on egg quality (obviously with the greatest possible reliability and precision) to improve and monitor the performance of each parent or commercial  flock, according to the target to be achieved. We work with live animals, so each flock is different, so constant adaptation is the main key to success.

A highlight of the week was the presentation of the latest genetic evolutions of our strains, illustrated by the visit of our R&D farms. The in-depth explanation of the genomics we routinely use and its impact on genetic progress fascinated the entire audience. The results obtained in the field validate the annual progression of the genetic potential of our strains thanks to these innovative tools.

This week was rich in lessons for all participants, it will be repeated as soon as possible in 2019 in order to share and update the knowledge  of all the technical team, who will be able our employees, who will be able to benefit locally all our customers and distributors in all the markets where we are currently present.


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