Germany : Excellent perfomances of the NOVOgen White Light


The Hoffrogge family farm is located in Emsland district, Germany. In 2012, the Hoffrogge family decided to invest in an organic layer farm in addition to their crop (42 ha) and pig-rearing activities. With a capacity of 14,500 layers, it is now the fifth flock in production.

Confident in the reputation of the Verbeek Hatchery, NOVOGEN’s Netherlands-based distributor, and the genetic potential of the NOVOGEN breeds, the family has decided to place for this flock the NOVOGEN White Light breed. The pullets are reared by the Verbeek hatchery and delivered ready to lay to the customer.


The flock is now 86 weeks old and performing at a very high level, especially in organic conditions, with 417 eggs per hen housed. In addition to their excellent hardiness and egg quality, another strong point of the breed is the fast increase in egg weight at start of production – White Light produces a low number of eggs below 53g, which improves the average sale price of the eggs.

The family has also been impressed with how easy this breed is to manage; the birds are calm, with very good nesting behavior. This is due to selective breeding processes and the quality of management during both rearing production. One of the positive signs of this calm behavior is the feathering quality of the flock (photo taken at 86 weeks of age).  In cold weather, this can allow farmers to save up to 2-3g of feed per day due to the birds’ lower need for energy. With an EU organic feed price of approx. €50/kg, this represents a saving of up to €0.60-0.65 € per bird.

We at Verbeek and NOVOGEN thank the Hoffrogge family for their eager and positive cooperation, and are confident this will continue for many more years to come.


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