NOVOGEN and Faisal Chicks & Feeds, a decade of success in Pakistan

This year, NOVOGEN is very pleased to celebrate the 10th anniversary of collaboration with FAISAL CHICKS & FEEDS, one of the first NOVOGEN customers. The family-owned group is composed of two well-renowned companies: Faisal Chicks and Al Faisal Feed.

Faisal Chicks received its first NOVOGEN breeder flock in 2009, starting layer DOC distribution from scratch. Since then, the company has shown continuous growth and is now a leader on the layer market with the NOVOgen White Light breed. Having its own GP & PS facilities and placing its own breeder flocks yearly, Faisal Chicks is capable of supplying a first choice product to its customers. From three hatcheries located in Karachi, Multan and Faisalabad, the breed is distributed throughout the country.

In 10 years, the NOVOgen White Light breed has shown its ability to perform in all Pakistani environments, varying from harsh, dry, and humid summer seasons in Sindh/Punjab to the moderate tropical climate of the coastal areas of Karachi and Baluchistan. Throughout these areas, the breed is greatly appreciated by farmers for its high production peak, laying persistence, egg quality, excellent FCR,and robustness when faced with high temperatures and sanitary challenges.

Guénaël Guillaume, Area manager for Pakistan, comments: “NOVOGEN thanks Faisal Chicks for this long and fruitful collaboration. We are very proud of this success story which is the result of a combination of the expertise and professionalism of the Faisal Chicks technical and sales team, a close relationship with NOVOGEN, and the Competitiveness of the NOVOgen White Light breed”.

Dr Ahmed Mustafa, FAISAL CHICKS & FEEDS Managing Partner, adds,“In a country where all the well-known layer breeds had been doing business for decades, it was a very difficult task to make room for a new and thus lesser-known breed. Thanks to the strong technical and marketing support we received from NOVOGEN, and the persistently high production capability of NOVOgen White Light, as well as its robustness when faced with extreme conditions, we
have now achieved a leading position among the layer breeds in Pakistan”.

From Left to Right: Ahmed Haridy (Novogen Technical Manager for the Middle
East), Dr Ahmed Mustafa (FAISAL CHICKS & FEEDS Managing Partner), Frédéric
Grimaud (Grimaud Group CEO), Dr Faisal Mustafa (FAISAL CHICKS & FEEDS
Managing Partner), Guénaël Guillaume (Novogen Area Manager), Dr Zargham
Khan (Novogen Technical consultant for Pakistan)

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