Sales Meeting for NOVOGEN DO BRASIL team


The famous “Festa do Ovo” (Egg Festival) of Bastos was celebrated between 17th and 21st July for the 60th time.  In order to be well-prepared for 2020, all of the NOVOGEN DO BRASIL teams, employees, and agents met up on the eve of the Egg Festival for a seminar in the city of Olímpia, in the state of São Paulo.  Representatives of each region were able to chat with the technical and production teams about the characteristics of each region and issues encountered by producers in the field. These discussions between sales, production, and technical support teams bolstered group cohesion while allowing for initial discussions about objectives for 2020. 

It was in this friendly atmosphere that Stéphane Lemoine, Business Director of NOVOGEN and Minoru Miyasaka, General Manager of NOVOGEN DO BRASIL, shared the medium-term objectives of the Group and Brazilian subsidiary. NOVOGEN DO BRASIL presently covers the entire country, with five new partners having joined the sales representatives’ team. Minoru Miyasaka also took the opportunity to present Hervé Scoarnec, who is currently monitoring NOVOGEN’s development strategy in Brazil.


Festa do Ovo

This trade fair brings together all actors in Brazilian aviculture in the areas of nutrition, additives, veterinary products, equipment, and of course genetics. The number of partner companies at this year’s event beat all records, with a second pavilion also devoted to egg market professionals. Carlos Aranguren, a veterinarian in South America, represented NOVOGEN genetics during an egg quality competition. 

The technologies used to analyse egg quality gave ideas to poultry associations from various regions; Sao Bento da Una (State of Pernambuco) and Santa Maria de Jetibá (State of Espirito Santo) presently have their own egg competition and NOVOGEN will also be represented there.  For Minoru Miyasaka and his team, the 2019 Egg Festival proved quite a success: “After a difficult year for Brazilian poultry farmers in 2018, we sense the desire to modernise and take advantage of both increasing egg consumption and the sector’s vitality.”  


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