The Novoponte hatchery celebrates its 10th anniversary and collaboration with NOVOGEN

Novoponte is an independent hatchery that was established in 2009 and began exclusively distributing NOVOGEN strains throughout France. The Novoponte company is a subsidiary of the group Hubert SAS which was set up in the 1950s and has expanded into three fields: broiler breeders, clean egg production for the pharmaceutical industry and layer breeders. 

Ever since the company was created 10 years ago, Novoponte has experienced continued success and today, it is a major player of french  layer market. The company has recently expanded its hatchery to reach a yearly production capacity of 10 million female DOC. There is still the potential to further expand the hatchery in order to increase the capacity to 12 million to meet future demand.

This success is due to an experienced technical-sales team that deals with the entire region and has a close rapport with its clients. The team can help provide technical assistance regarding farm management either in cage or alternative production systems. Novoponte has also fully mastered every aspect of the chain to produce chicks of optimum quality.

Finally, the quality of the NOVOGEN strains, notably the NOVOgen BROWN and NOVOgen WHITE, allow the company to fully meet the needs of the French market. Loïc Hervé, Novoponte’s technical and commercial manager, comments: “The complete NOVOGEN selection system based on productivity, egg quality, calm behaviour, feather quality and nest laying , allows us to implement our strains in both caged and alternative systems; a production system which is rapidly growing in France.” 

Mickaël Le Helloco, the Managing Director of Novogen, stated: “Novoponte’s success is down to the teams’ proximity-to-market in a changing French sector. This also illustrates that the market was in need of an alternative and a strong economic solution. Congratulations to Novoponte for this excellent achievement.”

NOVOGEN wishes the entire Novoponte team an excellent anniversary!

Novoponte sales team


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