NOVOgen BROWN, no 1 in Uruguay brown egg market with PRODHIN

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Prodhin is the number 1 brand for eggs in Uruguay. Founded in 1979 by four leading poultry companies, Prodhin specializes in the production, processing and marketing of eggs.

Lilián Perdomo is a doctor in veterinary medicine, qualified at the University of the Republic (UDELAR).She has been advising private companies on flock management, bird health,  and product quality since 1988. She is also the production manager for PRODHIN who chose to work with NOVOGEN Brown genetics because of its excellent performance in egg production and quality.


         Dr Lilián Perdomo


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For Doctor Lilián Perdomo, quality control starts well before laying: “We are breeding a renowned genetic line with an international trajectory, with an animal health certificate from the country of origin guaranteeing their health status..”

Today, we are the largest company in the sector in Uruguay, with more than 600,000 hens (breeders and commercial layers) and an annual production of over 150 million eggs. Our network of firms is organised using vertical integration and includes the breeding  farms, a hatchery, sites for pullets rearing and egg production . Prodhin is also having is own egg packing and processing centers

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Prodhin works with the most rigorous quality standards covering production, bird health, and management. This is why they have decided to work with NOVOGEN genetics for brown eggs. The quality of NOVOGEN eggs satisfies all the clients in the different sectors: shell eggs (cage, alternative and organic systems), pasteurised whole liquid eggs, pasteurised liquid egg yolks, pasteurised liquid egg whites, and boiled eggs.


Doctor Lilian says: “Our national and international clients ask that we apply strict quality controls in compliance with animal welfare standards.Due to its ease of management, NOVOgen BROWN breed provides this guarantee. That is why we have been able to build a relationship of trust."

The NOVOGEN company is represented in Uruguay by Sergio Bia Candia and also benefits from communications support from Alexis Carfantan, product manager for the Southern Cone.

Prodhin also has access to NOVOGEN’s international technical department for any support they need.




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